Conference Venue

National Technical Library

Technická 6

160 80 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Czech Republic


Library building

NTK building


Balling's Hall - auditorium 

Balling hall

 Transport from the airport

Participants are asked to make their own travel arrangements. From the airport, the National Technical Library is comfortably reached by bus or taxi.  

By bus

The buses of the line 119 leave the Airport approximately every 10-20 minutes between 04:00 and 23:30 from bus stations at both Terminal 1 - exit F and Terminal 2 - exit E and takes you next to the entry to the metro (underground line A terminus Dejvická). The ride takes about 25 minutes. You have to buy the ticket before boarding the bus at ticket vending machines in the terminal hall or at the newsstand at 26 CZK. You can use also the Airport Express - AE line that terminates at the same place, departs from the airport each 30 minutes and rides non-stop from the airport to the metro; tickets at 30 CZK at the driver.

By taxi

We recommend you to take a yellow taxi (AAA or 111) that can be found immediately outside of both terminals. It takes about 10 minutes to arrive to Dejvice at about 400 CZK.

More information:

 Transport from the central station

From the central station use metro - red line C in the direction Háje; change in the station Muzeum to green line A and follow to the terminus Dejvická.

 Transport from the bus terminal

From the bus station Florenc use metro - red line C in the direction of „Háje“; change in the station Muzeum to green line A and follow to the terminus Dejvická.

 Transport to the city centre

Travelling to the centre is most convenient by metro (line A, three stops to the downtown station Staroměstská“ and five stops to the top of Wenceslas square station Muzeum). Alternatively, you can use tram number 20, from which there are nice views when passing the Prague Castle


There are two kinds of tickets: all-day ticket is valid for 24 hours and single-trips ticket for 60 minutes following its validation in the stamping device in a tram or a bus or at the entry to the metro transit area. The tickets are valid in all kinds of public transport - metro, bus or tram. They can be purchased in the vending machines, at some metro stations, at tobacconist's and some newspaper kiosks.

If you stay in a distance from the conference place, it might be a reasonable choice to buy a 3-day (330 CZK) or 5-day (500 CZK) transport pass. Do not forget stamping it on the first boarding bus or entering metro, without stamp it is invalid!


To find your connection use (English and German interfaces are available.)

More information:


Participants are asked to make their own hotel arrangements. Some hotels nearby the Conference Venue:

Hotel DAP (Dům Armády Praha)

Address: Vítězné náměstí 684/4, 160 00 Praha 6 - Dejvice (map)

Tel. + 420 973 211 444, + 420 973 211 422

Hotel Denisa

Adresa: Národní obrany 33, 160 00 Praha 6 - Dejvice (map)

Tel. + 420 224 318 969


Diplomat Hotel****Praha

Address: Evropská 15, 160 41 Praha 6 - Dejvice (map)

Tel. + 420 296 559 212, + 420 296 559 178, + 420 296 559 213


Crowne Plaza, Prague

Address: Koulova 15, 160 45 Praha 6 - Dejvice (map)

Tel. + 420 296 537 111

Masarykova kolej***

Address: Thákurova 1, Praha 6 - Dejvice (map)

Tel. + 420 233 051 111


All hotels on one map (thanks to @saschel)

View ELAG 2011 - Hotels in a larger map


 Other useful information

The Conference Hall has the capacity 196 seats in the auditorium and 50 seats at the balcony. 182 seats offers the connection to the electrical and data network; the hall is covered by WiFi with an access to internet (two access points 802.11abg).


 More information about Prague


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