01 Find and explore in a local and global perspective (Serving users in specific library contexts)

Boris Zetterlund, Strategy Manager at Axiell Group

Audience: Librarians, Reference Librarians, System Librarians but most of all anyone who uses Library web interfaces


Short description: Three different cases 

  • Swedish Chalmers University Library with Summon
  • A public library in Denmark with Bibliotek.dk access and E-books linked  from external vendor
  • UK Library with Ebsco/Novelist access and WorldCat

The indexing possibility of: 

  • Own Publications like Papers (University)
  • Local history material (Public Library in Denmark)
  • Archives/Museum collection from same region (Public Library in UK)

 All cases have a lot of other database access as well.

This leads to challenges in how to present the material to be:

  • indexed locally – data well
  • included via API:s, web services
  • dynamically linked
  • authorized when asked for
  • enhanced and enriched
  • part of a user dialogue
  • enriched by user competence
  • part of social media interaction
  • part of local community interaction
  • reused/integrated in web site activity
  • reused/integrated in web site articles
  • pushed to and integrated in cooperating web sites
  • reused externally by agreements


Workshop outcome: Enhanced understanding 

  • search hierarchies – a need?
  • the relevance of material – what counts when?
  • media in different context – variables?
  • priorities necessary between central synergy and local presence?



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