Workshops and Pre-conference participants

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Workshop Number of registrants
01 Find and explore in a local and global perspective17 (list)
02 Cloud computing in the library context22 (list)
03 User studies for digital libraries development12 (list)
04 Developing strategies for library systems29 (list)
05 Research and Education in Digital Libraries3 (list)
06 Open Bibliographic Data: Licensing. Activities. Strategies7 (list)
07 MARC must die18 (list)
08 There’s an app for that: Academic libraries and mobile technologies16 (list)
09 Improving OCR of old material14 (list)
10 Linking library data30 (list)


Pre-conference Number of registrants
jQuery, a very helpful Javascript library. 9 (list)
Digital Curation 101: it's the Context, Stupid 8 (list)
Your Website is your API - How to integrate your Library into the Web of Data using RDFa29 (list)
Extending your library with indexing technologies10 (list)

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