Venue for the whole ELAG: National Technical Library, Technická 6, 160 00 Praha 6 - Dejvice. MAP

The registration desk is located next to the Balling's Hall (main auditorium) in the ground floor atrium (use entrance NTK 4)

Print version: Programme is also available as PDF file.


Live streaming from Balling's Hall is available at Conference website or directly ( There is no streaming during the workshop sessions and breaks.


May 23.  ELAG Open Planning Meetig

The Open Planing Meeting is scheduled to the National Technical Library meeting room on Monday 23 May at 18:00. Please enter through the Reception (entrance NTK 3). It is open to anyone who wishes to spend her/his time and energy in making futere ELAGs better and better.



The Pre-conference will have four full day tracks: jQuery, a very helpful Javascript library, Digital Curation 101: it's the Context, Stupid, Your Website is your API - How to integrate your Library into the Web of Data using RDFa and Extending your library with indexing technologies

Before registering for a pre-conference bootcamp, you should read what you can expect from the participation in a bootcamp and also what are the prerequisites. Read below, clicking on the particular bootcamp title. 

Tuesday 24. 5.

09:00 Pre-conference registration

10:00  jQuery, a very helpful Javascript library / Uwe Dierolf

10:00 Digital Curation 101: it's the Context, Stupid / Patrick Hochstenbach 

10:00 Your Website is your API - How to integrate your Library into the Web of Data using RDFa / Adrian Pohl and Felix Ostrowski

10:00 Extending your library with indexing technologies / Joost van Ingen

There will be 2 breaks during the day.

17:00 Pre-conference end (Pre-conference time may be extended if neccessary)


May 25. -27.  ELAG 2011 CONFERENCE

Small changes to the programme are possible.


Workshops are a unique feature of ELAG. This year there are 10 workshops to choose from. They run in parallel through the two days of the conference and there is a report of the workshop presented on the final day. The audience of each workshop is limited up to 30 people. More...


Lightning talks will be limited to 5 min./person. You can sign up at the registration desk (the list will be available from Wednesday morning). Please note, that lightning talks will be recorded and posted on the internet pending your approval.

Wednesday 25. 5.

08:00 Conference registration / LOCATION: Balling‘s Hall

09:00 Welcome / Opening remarks by Deputy minister for Higher Education and Research Jan Koucký PhD

09:15 Keynote: Blended Libraries / Harald Reiterer

10:15 Morning break 

10:45 Lifting the Lid on Linked Data  / Jane and Adrian Stevenson 

11:15 Linking data in the ALM world - The Culture Information Portal / Boris Zetterlund 

11:45 Linking libraries to the real world / Lukas Koster and Ad Aerts  

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Workshops, 1. Session

14:30 Afternoon break

15:00 Workshops, 2. Session

16:00 Drawing Context from the Linked Data Web: The Example of the 20th Century Press Archives / Joachim Neubert  

16:30 Linked data in action / Rurik Thomas Greenall and Lene Elisabeth Bertheussen  

18:00 Visit of The National Technical Library More...

19:00 Reception  (National Technical Library Gallery)

Thursday 26.5.

09:00 Lightning Talks 1 

09:45 Web-Scale Library Management Services (WMS) – an SOA for a massively scalable next-gen ILS, principles and practice / Paul Harvey 

10:15 Morning break

10:45 Cloud computing in your library’s forecast? Ensure a sunny outcome / Carl Grant  

11:15 Who controls bibliographic control? - open data as strategy in a cloud enviroment / Anders Söderbäck 

11:45 Panel discussion on cloud based library infrastructure / Paul Harvey,  Carl Grant,  Anders Söderbäck 

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Workshops, 3. Session

14:45 Afternoon break

15:15 Aligning library-domain metadata with the Europeana Data Model / Sally Chambers and Valentine Charles 

15:45 Building Blocks for the Future: Making Controlled Vocabularies Available for the Semantic Web / Barbara B. Tillett 

16:15 Workshops, 4. Session

17:30 End of day 2

18:00 Meeting of Conference dinner participants in front of the library - than short walk to historical trams, sightseeing ride to the Municipal House

19:30 Conference dinner (Municipal House)More...

Friday 27.5.

09:00 What should a Virtual University Library environment look like? / Xavier Duran Albareda 

09:30 Lightning Talks 2 

10:15 Morning break 

10:45 Workshop reports 

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Digital Long-Term Preservation, Provenance and Linked Open Data / Sam Coppens, Erik Mannens 

14:00 Digital Preservation: Context & Content / Edward M. Corrado 

14:30 Visualizing Library Data / Karen A. Coombs 

15:00 Closing presentation

16:00 Post-conference excursion departure (in front of the National Technical Library)


MAY 27. - 29.  ELAG Post Conference excursion

The Post-conference excursion starts after the conclusion of the conference on Friday afternoon. More...



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