Pierluigi Feliciati

Pierluigi Feliciati is a Researcher on Information Science (ING-INF/05) in the University of Macerata (since 2007), previously working in the Italian Ministry of Culture, archives web information systems coordination (since 1986). Professor of Information science applied to Cultural Heritage and Computing Humanities at the University of Macerata and in the DILL International Master. At the moment involved in a 3 years research project on interfaces quality, users interaction with cultural heritage web content: social tagging, semantic marking, evaluation methods of users behaviour and satisfaction. Technical coordinator of the Europeana local project-Italy. Member of the MINERVA, MINERVA Plus and MINERVA eC European working group on cultural web quality; co-author of the European and Italian edition of the Handbook of quality of cultural web sites, the Quality Principles for cultural Web sites: a handbook and the Handbook on of cultural web user interaction. Scientific coordinator of the State Archives, the Marche and Umbria Italian Regions workspaces for the MICHAEL project. Member of the direction board 2010-2013 of AIDA Associazione Italiana Documentazione avanzata, member of the Scientific direction board of Italian Central Institute for Archives.

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